Red Hot Exclusive - 6 Live Vallisneria Jungle Val Aquarium Plants
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6 Live Vallisneria Jungle Val Aquarium Plants
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Care Level: Easy
Light Needs: Low- Medium 

Plant Structure: rooted plant
Family: Hydrocharitacea
Genus: Vallisneria
Region: North America- Asia 
Location: Asia- North America
Size: Individual plants 7-15 inches 
Growth Rate: Fast
Can Be Grown Emersed: No

Jungle vals  is an ideal aquatic plant for beginners. Jungle vals are incredibly hardy, and can adapt to most water conditions. They are also one of the few plants that can tolerate brackish water.  Jungle looks best when planted in groups along the back and sides of the aquarium creating a mini jungle where small fish can hide.  This plant propagate by runners sending them under the soil an creating new plants. It is a very fast growing plant. Its grow can be controlled by the amount of lights you provide. 

Disclaimer: It is against the law to release live aquarium plants in lakes, rivers or any other body of water. These plants are meant to be used inside an aquarium as a hobby and should be kept away from any body of water natural or man made.  The buyer is responsible to dispose properly of plants that he/she does not need or want, excess plants,trimmings, roots etc so they do not invade any body of water. The buyer is responsible to know what plants are allowed in its state, county or municipality and to follow the particulars laws on live aquatic plants that the agriculture department of each state has established.  

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